Our Commitment To Diversity and Inclusion

As a champion and catalyst for building strong, healthy communities in the Coastal Bend area of Texas, the United Way of Calhoun County values and models diversity.  We believe all people should have an opportunity to make an impact in society.  It is through the collective efforts of individuals in our communities that we create a responsible and vibrant society, one which respects, honors and thrives on the unique attributes of its members.

Our commitment to diversity rests on certain fundamental principles that influence our decision-making, guide our interactions with each other and others, and determine the measure of our success as activists for social justice.

Inclusion/Personal Responsibility – Modeling leadership and developing practices and policies that embrace the value of “inclusion” in our day-to-day operations.  Creating an environment at UWCC in which all people have the opportunity and responsibility to value and respect diverse perspectives, ideas and beliefs.

Respect – Supporting educational programs and initiatives that advance the recognition, understanding and importance of safeguarding the right to dignity and justice for all people, without regard to race, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, disability, religion or socioeconomic status.

Collaboration – Continuing to seek respectful relationships and partnerships that are aligned with achieving common goals, both within and outside of UWCC, that are inclusive of individual ideals, abilities and opinions.


The United Way of Calhoun County practices our commitment to diversity by living our values and:

  • Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace.  UWCC is committed to building and maintaining an environment that embraces and values differences.  UWCC employees should feel valued and respected, without bias or preference based on difference.
  • Serving the Needs of Diverse Communities.  UWCC will continue to be a leader in funding promising community programs that target diverse populations and communities.
  • Respect and Inclusion of Diverse Volunteers.  To be relevant and a viable community partner, UWCC staff and volunteers model an awareness of, and understanding and respect for, the many forms of difference reflected in the people and communities served by UWCC.  UWCC aims to be a role model for volunteer organizations in attracting and building a diverse volunteer base.
  • Accountability and Making A Difference.  We recognize that holding ourselves accountable to our fundamental principals allows us a better opportunity to make a positive difference through our work.


Board Composition Matrix.  The matrix helps a board to determine what is the ideal mix of professional skills, resources, backgrounds and experience, demographics, community connections, and other characteristics required to navigate UWCC’s challenges in the next several years.  The matrix helps the UWCC board to keep in mind the value of diversity in establishing our “ideal” board composition and identifying gaps. UWCC believes that diversity on a board breeds varying opinions, approaches, attitudes, and solutions and requires all of our board members to be open-minded, curious, accepting, responsive, and willing to work together.

We strive to fulfill the letter and spirit of our diversity philosophy, and to illustrate that through our commitment to excellence.  To realize the potential of every member of our organization, we work to create a culture that promotes individual accountability.

Our values should be demonstrated through our actions and decisions, individually and collectively.  We know that part of our organizational and individual legacy to the communities we serve is our commitment to this achievable ideal.