Financial Stability

Join the Fight for Financial Stability for All

Every day people in our community face personal and social crises that affect their ability to earn a steady paycheck, pay for the basics and save for the future. From evictions and hunger to unemployment and unexpected medical bills, these issues can turn into big problems quickly.

We – the team at United Way of Calhoun County, our partners and supporters like you – immerse ourselves in tough problems like these and we fight. Every person in our community should be able to get a good job that supports their family.

How We Fight

We focus on lasting solutions that go beyond short-term charity. These are solutions that start now and continue for generations. 

That means connecting neighbors who need help with the organizations that have the best resources. We help people get back on their feet by providing services such as:

Kid's Backpack Program - Funded through the Food Bank of the Golden Crescent, this program provides kid-friendly meals to food insecure children. Many of the children served are homeless; all are considered ‘food insecure’ or unable to tell where their next meal will come from. The program helps provide backpacks filled with food that children take home on weekends and holidays when the school is closed and access to meals provided by the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch program is cut off.

Food Pantry & Emergency Fund - Funded through Calhoun County Community Ministries, this program provides emergency assistance with rent and utilities, food, baby formula and diapers. 

Benevolence Fund - Funded through The Harbor Children's Alliance and Victims Center, this program provides emergency assistance with rent and utilities, transportation, lodging, medication, clothing, food, and weather related needs.