About Us

Who We Are

The United Way of Calhoun County is a locally incorporated, non-profit organization that has been in operation since 1957. Three individuals, whose generosity has touched many other citizens and organizations in Calhoun County, established the organization which has become the largest non-governmental funder of health and human services in Calhoun County. George Fred Rhodes, Howard Hartzog, Sr. and Sam Faubion all knew the value of caring for and supporting those in need. Their legacy continues today with an organization that has consistently mobilized the caring power of Calhoun County for fifty-five years.

The mission of the United Way of Calhoun County is….”to help increase the organized capacity of people in Calhoun County to care for one another”. This single, county-wide campaign is the most organized, efficient and accountable system for investing in our county.

The United Way of Calhoun County is governed by a local board of directors who volunteer their time and talent to lead this organization. The policies, activities, procedures and agencies we support are determined right here at home by your friends, co-workers and neighbors…..people who live and work right here in Calhoun County.

The generous and dedicated people associated with the United Way come from all walks of life and reflect the cultural diversity of our area. One professional staff member handles daily operations and works closely with the board, volunteers and agencies to carry out the mission of United Way.

What We Do

The United Way brings together a cross-section of citizens and agencies in a county-wide effort to raise the level of community awareness regarding social needs in order to provide human service programs in the most efficient and effective way. It works through fifteen social service and health agencies in Calhoun County. The United Way is not just another fundraising campaign. It is the single largest voluntary effort which supports essential human care service agencies. It plans service priorities to meet future community needs and evaluates those services to be sure they meet high performance standards. It is the leading organization that encourages individual involvement to improve social conditions and promotes honesty, integrity and a true sense of service in communities.

How Is United Way Accountable?

  • United Way’s monthly financial statements are reviewed by the volunteers who serve on the finance committee, executive committee, and Board of Directors.
  • Budget and Allocation Committee volunteers oversee the distribution of money to local agencies and make final agency funding decisions. This process is what sets United Way of Calhoun County apart from other non-profit organizations and federations.
  • United Way’s low overhead costs (approximately 17% of their annual budget) means more of your dollars go to the people you want to help.

Who Does United Way Help?

You are a rare person if you or your family has never needed the services of a United Way agency! Anyone who wishes to use a United Way agency can benefit: people who are disabled, the elderly, those struck by disaster, young people, those having emotional or marital problems, etc. One in three families benefit from United Way services...recreation programs for the kids, scouting, family counseling, assistance to victims and elder care.

Who receives funding from the United Way of Calhoun County?

The UWCC partners with 15 local agencies that provide health services, disaster relief, positive youth programs, programs and services for senior citizens, victim’s assistance, family services and volunteer services. People all over Calhoun get help from United Way of Calhoun County agencies regardless of their income. These agencies make an impact on the most critical issues facing the Calhoun County.

Local volunteers representing a cross-section of Calhoun County oversee the distribution of money to local agencies that must adhere to stringent standards of service and sound fiscal policies. This process is what sets United Way of Calhoun County apart from other non-profit organizations and federations. The volunteers make funding recommendations to the Board of Directors who approve the overall annual funding amounts to partner agencies. Since 2000 the United Way of Calhoun County has provided over $2 Million in funding to our 15 partner agencies.

What requirements must United Way agencies meet?

To be eligible for United Way funding, agencies must:

  • Be registered as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit agency.
  • Document effective delivery of high-priority programs and services in a reliable, cost-effective manner.
  • Demonstrate sound financial and administrative management practices through auditors' reports and other valid documentation.
  • Be in compliance with all applicable laws.
  • Be governed by a volunteer board of directors.
  • Make a formal application to United Way for program funding.
  • Demonstrate impact through measurable outcomes - in other words, show that they get results.

Legal Documents

2014 IRS Form 990
United Way of Calhoun County Audited Financial Statements - March 31st, 2014