Grant Application Process


Before beginning the application process, please ensure that your organization meets grant eligibility criteria. Any organization meeting grant eligibility criteria is invited to apply for a community grant through the United Way of Calhoun County online form listed below. Applications open in October and close mid-December. Application dates and status will be updated and posted to this page accordingly. 

Financial Documentation Requirement

In addition to the required information contained in the UWCC online application and allocation request packet, agencies will be responsible for providing an annual financial report, IRS Form 990 and an agency budget.  For agencies with total revenues of $500,000 or more, an annual audit by a certified public accounting firm or individual Certified Public Accountant is required.   Agencies with revenues of $50,000 - $499,000 will need to provide an IRS Form 990 AND a financial review by a certified public accounting firm or individual CPA.  Agencies with revenues under $50,000 will need to provide internally prepared financial statements (Year-end Balance Sheet and Profit/Loss or Income/Expense statement showing in detail how funds were used). 


Any organization applying for a community grant must submit a presentation that will highlight and complement the submitted application. Presentations give an overview of the organization's mission and programs. This is the final step in the application process where organizations meet with the Allocations Committee. Approved applicants will receive specific instructions via email upon successful review of completed application. Presentations are scheduled in January. 

Review & Selection

The Allocations Committee reviews and discusses each application in-depth following presentations. This group consists of board and community members that determine allocation amounts divided between selected organizations, totaling the amount approved by the Board of Directors each year. Upon recommendation of the Allocations Committee to the Board of Directors, grants are selected and approved in February.

Grant Announcement

Organizations who are selected to receive a community grant will be notified of their award amount in March.

Partnership Year

Pending acceptance of a partner agreement, selected organizations will be granted Partner Agency status beginning April 1 of every year. Partner Agencies work closely with the Executive Director to participate in supporting our annual community campaign, attending United Way events, and planning for our community. Partner Agencies must apply for grants and status every year.


October - Applications Open
December - Applications Close
January - Organization Presentations
February - Grants Selected
March - Grants Announced
April - Partnership Year Begins

Application Instructions

Please watch our video instructions on how to apply

All applicants are required to have or create an account to complete and submit your application.  Keep your username and password handy so that you can "save a draft" and return to complete your submission (note: you must click 'save draft' at the bottom of the page in order to save; the form will not 'auto-save').  As you create your username and password, please keep in mind that this username and password will be used for agency reporting and future applications.

  • LOGIN HERE (If you already have a username and password)
  • CREATE AN ACCOUNT (New users only - an email will be sent to you)
  • RESET YOUR PASSWORD (if your email has been used previously, you can reset your password.
  • LOGOUT (Be sure to log out once you have saved your draft or submitted your application)

Do not leave any blanks; enter N/A if not applicable.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted.