2021-2022 Campaign

2021 - 2022 Community Campaign


Campaign Leadership

Johnny Todd, Retired

Rhonda Nielsen, DDS

Johnny Todd served as Chair of the 2021-2022 United Way of Calhoun County Community Campaign and Rhonda Nielsen served as Co-Chair. Together, their leadership and service are keys to the continued success of United Way of Calhoun County. As Campaign Chair and Co-Chair, they will ensure the integrity in reporting and spending of donors' contributions, while guaranteeing that contributions raised are spent locally to support specific and measurable outcomes in Calhoun County. As a result of their service, the United Way of Calhoun County will continue helping members of our community get–and stay– healthy, ensure that children have the chance to succeed, and provide a path toward financial stability. 

The 2021-2022 United Way of Calhoun County Community Campaign allocated $339,500 to impacting and changing the lives of many in Calhoun County!

2021-2022 Campaign Support